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Why invest in real estate in Germany?


There are many reasons to invest in German real estate, some of them are:

Germany is a safe country for asset protection

Germany takes very seriously the protection of private property, especially land ownership. The country has a broad legal framework that covers the protection of private property of both nationals and foreigners purchasing real estate property in Germany.

Land titles in Germany are referred to as absolute and exclusive. An absolute owner has the right to fully control the land and other immovable property such as real estate on the land in question.

German real estate offers great potential of high return on investment

  • Germany is the biggest and strongest economy in Europe;
  • Germany is home of many giant corporations in high technology with their productions in German territory;
  • The economy has proven to be stable with low unemployment rate, despite global and European crisis;
  • It has emerged as a new star and just started to draw attention from foreign investors;
  • German real estate price has increased steadily about 30% within the period 2011-2015;
  • German real estate price is still one of the lowest in Europe, i.e. there is no fear for a price bubble.

Germany is a new favourite destination of immigrants

  • According to a survey by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) dated 2013, Germany has risen to become the world’s number two destination for permanent migration, overtaking the U.K. and Canada. While the U.S. still draws the most settlers, Germany jumped from eighth place in 2009 to second in 2012, with permanent migration rising 38 percent on the year. 465,000 newcomers moved to the country in 2013 – more than double the number in 2007. No other OECD country experienced such a rise. It should be pointed out that Germany has adapted immigration policies since 2000 to attract more high-skilled labor to compensate for its shrinking population. In many recent researches, Germany has been referred to as a ‘Melting Pot’, a term often used for other immigration nations such as the US, UK, Australia and Canada.
  • Germany ranks amongst the safest countries globally with outstanding living environment, generous social welfare, topnotch infrastructure and first class medical care and education system.
  • Germany has excellent universities and they are free for all foreign students.
  • Foreign students graduated from German universities and colleges have good chances to find great jobs in Germany, especially in following fields: IT, Engineering, Medical Care, Natural Sciences.
  • Unlike in North America or in many Asian countries, people living and working in Germany can have a good work-life balance. Employees here have average 30 paid leave days (equivalent to 6 weeks) per year.
  • After staying in Germany for 8 years, a person can apply for German citizenship.










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